About Us

Hi, I'm Jenny and I am self-taught dressmaker although I only really like to make stuff for myself. I love florals, pin tucks and skirts with pockets.

Hello, I’m Sam, and I produce handmade and upcycled clothing, using vintage, reclaimed and sustainable fabrics and yarns, under the name Grandma Chic.

Hi, I'm Andrea, I'm a fashion designer with a love for anything tailored, men's fashion and lingerie. I enjoy labour intensive crafts and I'm currently laying the foundations for my own business.

Hi I am Afua, I am a lingerie, swimwear and accessories designer with a penchant for all things Gaultieresque. I adore sketching, sewing, attempting to sing and currently started a lingerie and swimwear label which is going into the next phase of production pending funding.Bises!